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Hello and welcome to my world. My name is Mari and I am a 24 year old Japanese escort based in a luxury apartment in Marble Arch, Central London. I am available for both incalls and outcalls from just £150 for a full hour and I enjoy giving sensual massage as well as a full personal service . I also enjoy owo and many other special services. I like to see my clients fully satisfied and do my best to offer a service which is above and beyond what you normally find in London or anywhere else.

I can be booked 24 hours a day all days a week by calling 07862 604 333 so call now and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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Why Japanese women are fascinating

Asian culture has become increasingly popular in the West, due to the diffusion of musical and cinematographic industries throughout different parts of the world. This situation has increased the popularity of Japanese beauty.

As your acquainted escort Paris will explain you, the prototype of Asian beauty, predominantly in the East Asia zone which includes Japan, is based on some specific features. Discover the characteristics that make Japanese women a unique kind of "perfect" creatures.

Incredible girls of impressive beauty

Beauty is a very important part of their culture, both in men and women, although ladies are the ones who take the most care. They have a physical structure thinner than all other women as your intelligent escort Paris you found on http://www.sexemodel.com/ will inform you. It is mainly due to their genetic inheritance reinforced by their diet which consists of high amounts of rice and low consumption of sugars and other processed foods.

Another feature that makes a Japanese woman stand out is her skin which is white and without any imperfection, very similar to the complexion of a porcelain doll.

The face of these escorts is considered beautiful due to specific characteristics such as high cheekbones, a small nose, double eyelid eyes and very pronounced V-shaped chin. They are aware of their attractiveness; therefore they are constantly investing all their efforts to preserve their immaculate appearance. Japanese ladies are characterized for being subtle and delicate like some kind of ethereal creature.

Exquisite ladies that meet up your expectations

A Japanese woman is kind, virtuous, talented and patient as your acquainted escort Paris will inform you. This kind of girl is characterized for being the most independent on the continent. She has unique skills in different areas which opens many doors for her professional development. However, she also uses her capacities to express her appreciation for people that surround her.

For instance, she enjoys creating art and manufacturing small gifts for her friends. She could surprise you anytime with an exquisite creation of her own.

They are admirable for their unshakeable tranquility and for having a patient and loyal temper. You can count on Japanese escorts from SexeModel to diligently take care of you regardless of your mood. They can make you forget about the things that bother you the most transforming your darkest day into the most pleasant experience.

These Asian women are also characterized for having productive pastimes, such as gardening, sports and education. You can always enjoy funny moments with your lovely companion while shares with you some curious and useful tips.

Japanese escorts are not possessive. They respect your private life and your independence. You can rely on finding a loving and understanding companion each time you meet with her even if several weeks have passed after your last encounter. You will never hear a complaint from her; instead, her sweet voice will be there to provide you solace.

Whenever you need advice, you can resort to her wide experience. This acquainted woman has the necessary knowledge to assist you on any endeavor.

However, the most outstanding feature of these amazing Japanese escorts is their creativity in bed. They know the perfect balance between being compliant and audacious at the same time. They are devoted to please you and provide you the most exciting sensations beyond imagination.